Is There A Best Time of Year To Sell Your House?

If you’ve ever considered buying or selling a home, you may have heard that the best time to do either is in the spring. While it may be ideal to move in the spring months – the weather tends to be nicer, and there are fewer people on the road, life doesn’t always allow for such a schedule. Depending on your circumstances, any time of year is a good time to sell.

Just like you may have to sell during the winter, or the dog days of summer, there will be people who have to buy during those times. Some people need to buy during “off times” of the year. We’d like to think that for every house up for sale, an ideal tenant is looking to buy.

Focus more on upkeep

Instead of focusing on when the best time to sell is, keep your home in top-selling shape. To do this, don’t shirk necessary upkeep on your home.

Resist the temptation to put off painting or trimming overgrown shrubs. Maintenance of your home is essential all year, especially if you’re looking to sell. Even a little bit of effort can have big payoffs when it comes to getting the best possible price.

Outside your house:

Keep the lawn mown, the leaves raked, and the shrubs under control (not touching your home). Keep your curb appeal high by shoveling snow from sidewalks and your driveway in the winter.

Inside your house:

It’s time to de-clutter and remove most of your personal items. No, you don’t have to keep your toothbrush hidden, but unfortunately, family photos, souvenirs, and maybe even furniture will have to be stored out of sight. You want any potential buyers who come into your home to be able to imagine it with their own stuff.

Enlist a team and get the word out

Hire an effective real estate agent. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t do more than list your home. You’ll be hearing crickets no matter what season it is. Your real estate agent will be able to find you potential buyers, and hopefully, those who can pay your asking price.

You’ll also want to utilize social media to get the word out about your selling. Post pictures of your home, and post updates if you have an open house. Tell your parents, your friends, your coworkers, anyone who will listen.

In life, there will always be things we can’t control. You must remember that things like the economy, local trends, and the location of your house all play a factor in selling and buying homes.

You may not get the best deal for a home that you love(d), but you don’t have to limit yourself to selling during just one part of the year. Getting the best deal can come at any time, so don’t hesitate to sell if you’re ready in August. There’s no reason to wait until next year to list your home.


Jameel Batshon, Broker/Co-Founder of Century 21 Cornerstone Realtors has 15 Years of Real Estate Experience with a background in Lending that started in 2002 at Household Finance Company. Jameel was Born in San Francisco, Ca and moved to the East Bay at a young age. Jameel has been a licensed Realtor since 2004.