Top 4 Benefits You Get When Working With A Realtor®

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, real estate transactions can be a challenging process, one that most of us find to be somewhat overwhelming. The best way to mitigate the uncertainty of the process is to work with an experienced Realtor®. Here are some of the most important benefits you’ll get when you do.

  1. Professional Knowledge and Experience

For most of us, a home purchase or sale is the single biggest transaction of our lifetime. It’s also one that we only do once or twice, so we don’t really get to practice at it and get better, like we do with riding a bicycle or hitting a baseball. So why not enlist the help of a professional who does this every day of their life? A real estate transaction is filled to the brim with processes and activities that are foreign to most people, but a Realtor® brings years of experience and knowledge to the table. Are you confused about appraisals, title searches, taxes, and different types of insurance? To a Realtor®, it’s all in a day’s work, and they’ll be happy to hold your hand through the process.

  1. Help with Negotiating

Again, while this is something most people rarely if ever do, negotiating deals between buyer and seller is part of the job description for a Realtor®. Seasoned agents have had years of experience and negotiated many a deal, allowing them to develop some mastery of the process. They’re familiar with the markets and what makes each party to the transaction tick. Also, as they’re neither the buyer nor the seller, they can see the process without the emotional involvement that can be expected for either party that’s deeply involved in the deal.

  1. Networking

The real estate transaction is made up of a lot of steps, and many of those will require the support of additional professionals. An experienced Realtor® will be well-networked in those circles, and thus, will be able to recommend contractors, attorneys, title companies, and more, when their services are needed. It’s not that it’s necessarily difficult to find those pros, but your Realtor® should be able to give you strong recommendations of those who have performed well and have given advantageous pricing in the past.

  1. High Ethical Standards

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute! I’ve met some unethical real estate guys…”, then we need to clarify something. Not all real estate agents are Realtors®. That term is reserved for members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), an organization with much higher standards than those required to simply obtain a real estate license from the State. Realtors® are required to abide by a strong code of ethics, put a client’s best interest before his own, and disclose any information that could be relevant to his client. These are not just words, either. Ethics violations can result in a fine to be paid to the NAR, or, in more severe cases, suspension or expulsion from this prestigious organization.

Jameel Batshon, Broker/Co-Founder of Century 21 Cornerstone Realtors has 15 Years of Real Estate Experience with a background in Lending that started in 2002 at Household Finance Company. Jameel was Born in San Francisco, Ca and moved to the East Bay at a young age. Jameel has been a licensed Realtor since 2004.