Have you decided to sell your home in Pleasanton, CA? If so, you have probably been thinking about all the things you need to do to get it ready for market. You may need to finish a few incomplete home improvement projects, pack up some of your possessions and put them in storage, and do some deep cleaning. Once those basic steps have been completed you are almost ready to put your home on the market. But first, you have to determine the appropriate sales price for your home. The question is, how do you figure out what is appropriate? The best way to start the process is by hiring a realtor. Then you need to be honest with yourself about the condition of your home and possibly take some steps to maximize its’ value.

Work with a realtor

An important part of a realtor’s job is helping sellers determine an appropriate sales price for their property. This task is important because the wrong sales price can cost you money. For example, a house that is priced too high may sit on the market much longer than necessary. This results in you, as the property owner, continuing to pay the carrying costs on the home. A house that is priced too low may sell quickly but you will end up with less money in your pocket at the end of the transaction. When you work with a realtor, he or she will use current and historical information about other homes in your area to find a price that is appropriate with your home. The ideal is for your home to sell quickly and for top dollar. You are much more likely to come up with a price that provides this ideal scenario if you work with a realtor.

Be honest with yourself

It can be difficult for sellers to see their home as others see it. If you have lived in a place for any length of time, then you may have become accustomed to its ‘quirks.’ However, when you decide to sell you need to try and look at your home through the eyes of potential buyers. The elements of your home that you view as ‘quirks,’ may be viewed as flaws to potential buyers. Be prepared for the feedback of your realtor and that of potential buyers. Try not to be offended if your realtor makes suggestions for changes in order. The goal is to sell the property quickly and for top dollar so try to look at it through the eyes of potential buyers.

Maximize your home’s value

If you remain open to the input of your realtor you may find that there are some simple tasks you can complete to maximize the value of your home. Renting a storage space and moving out half of your things may be what it takes to show buyers the true space in your home. A fresh coat of paint could bring new life to the interior of your home. Your realtor can help you determine which improvements will provide the best results. If you have the time and finances available to make some of the suggested improvements you can maximize the value of your home and minimize the amount of time it stays on the market.

Determining the appropriate sales price for your home is a process that is best done in conjunction with a top notch realtor. Do not make such an important decision without the help of a real estate professional. In the end, the results you get from having your property priced appropriately will be well worth the costs that come from listing with a realtor.